2022 | Credits for Families with Children

credits for families with children

Learn how to differentiate between the effects of tax credits and tax deductions. Understand the two major types of credits (refundable and non-refundable). This course offers an in-depth look at the credits available for taxpayers with dependents and children on the tax return. Earned Income Credit, Dependent Care Credit, and the Child Tax Credit are […]

2022 | CARES Act


This course covers all aspects of the CARES Act of 2020. See how retirement distributions are treated. Learn about the temporary waiver of “RMD” rules. Find out about the new above-the -line charitable contribution deduction. See new form 7202 and how it affects self-employed individuals. All of this and more await you in this short […]

2022 | Tax Update

2022 Tax Update

Take a look at the most pertinent items for the 2022 tax year filing. Find out about the new forms associated with Section 199A as well as the updated information on Marketplace Insurance. This course also covers any new adjustments that you need to know to get started on the new tax season.

2022 | Tax Preparer Ethics

Tax Preparer Ethics

Take a tour of Circular 230 and see how it affects you as a tax preparer. Learn about the OPR and its jurisdiction. Who can practice before the IRS? What is a Form 8821? What is a return position? The answer to these and many others awaits you in this interesting look at preparer responsibilities. […]

2022 | Itemized Deductions

to deduct or not to deduct

This course takes an in-depth look at itemized deductions. The learner will be able to discern between deductible and nondeductible expenses in order to recognize when a taxpayer should consider itemizing deductions. The learner will have a firm grasp on how to answer the question from their client: What can I deduct?

2022 | Understanding the “Tax Formula” & “Who Must File?”

This program takes the student through the beginning stages of the tax return. Key tax terms and definitions are discussed. The various sections of the 1040 are covered in depth and the basic tax equation is introduced. The program covers who must file and the income thresholds for each filing status.

2022 | Self-Employment/Small Business

self-employment and small business

This course covers all aspects of income taxes for the self-employed. From the specific types of business entities to the proper forms needed to file the tax return, the learner will get an in-depth look at what is needed to properly prepare a tax return for the self-employed.

2022 | Education: Credits & Deductions

Tax breaks for education expenses

This course cover the education credits available and the differences in credits and adjustments to income. After completing the course, the learner will be able to best determine the proper way to treat all aspects of education on the tax return.